The fact that the video for the Greek language has “climbed” to youtube and in just a few days already measured 150,000 views, proves the interest that exists internationally for our language, its evolution over the centuries, as well as the important historical data that accompany.

In the langfocus, which focuses on the history of various languages, the presenter reports extremely interesting facts, such as that 6% of the English vocabulary comes from Greek words, with estimates raising that figure to 15%.

It is also reported that the Greek language was born about 4,000 years ago or even earlier, as the strange one says.

Indeed, as mentioned, Greek language is the oldest language ever recorded and still spoken. because there are previous findings from carvings in Egyptian hieroglyphics or Sumerian, but these are dead languages ​​while the Greek is alive.

The Greek language was born from mathematics and voice melodies! Just perfect..


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