Ryanair have announced their new cabin baggage policy, which will come in to effect on all flights from January 15th 2018. They had originally planned to introduce the new rules from November 1st 2017, but have now had to delay their application.

The changes are in response to a growing problem on most carriers – a lack of overhead locker space on flights, which can cause delays in the boarding process. Here’s your guide to what is changing and what you can do to adapt.

In short:

No changes to the size of the carry on bags you can take. Passengers can still take 1 large carry on bag (55x40x20cm) and one small underseat bag (35x20x20cm) free of charge.

If the passenger wishes to take their larger carry on bag in to the aircraft cabin with them, they must pay £5 for priority boarding – Otherwise it will go in to the aircraft hold
Passengers are still able to take a small underseat bag in to the cabin free of charge.

In detail:

No changes to hand luggage sizes

The first thing to note is that the fundamental size of what you can take on a flight with you for free is not changing – Those cabin bags you’ve been using on Ryanair for the past few years will still be accepted. Since 2014, Ryanair has allowed all passengers to take one small under seat bag (35x20x20cm) and one large carry on bag (55x40x20cm) on their flights for free.

This actually gives Ryanair one of the largest free carry on allowances of any airline, with passengers allowed to take a potential 58 litres of luggage with them for free – a handy allowance considering how much it costs to check in a suitcase.

What is changing?

In basic terms, the only thing that is changing is where your large cabin bag will be put whilst you fly. Passengers who do not wish to pay an extra £5 fee for priority boarding will have their large cabin bag placed in the aircraft hold (free of charge) rather than being able to take it with them into the aircraft cabin as before.

These ‘non-priority’ passengers will most likely have their large cabin bag tagged by Ryanair staff at the airport gate and then taken off them once they have carried it to the aircraft steps to be placed in the hold. On arrival, these bags will be available to pick up at the airport baggage carousel.

If you’d rather keep your larger cabin bag with you during the flight, you’ll now need to pay for priority boarding at the cost of £5 (or be a Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus Traveller – all additional cost options).

There are no changes to the policy regarding the 35x20x20cm under seat bag – whether you choose to purchase priority boarding or not, you’ll still be allowed to take this under seat bag with you in to the aircraft cabin.




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