It is a unique area of Greece, most of which are unaware of its existence. It could well be a small imitation of the moon or planet Mars! And the truth is that if you find yourself there, that’s how you will feel.

The strange and unusual geological and natural phenomenon, which composes the Kokkinopilos hills, ( Preveza – mainland )  was created by the rains that turned this low erythropean plateau into an alternating landscape with hills and small ravines.

The rainwater delivers this gentle red geological material to the Stephan’s plain where even the field,s when they are plowed appear reddish.

According to experts, the “terra rossa”, a common reddish grave, found in Greece and other southern European countries, arrived in southern Europe in the form of African dust carried by the southern Winds from the Sahara and the Sahel, creating an extraordinary site.

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