It is the most famous seaside village of Thesprotia, the Caribbean of Greece. Green coves, clear waters, trees as far as the waves go, and the stone-built settlement. An enclosed bay embraces Sivota in which the Black Mountains and Agios Nikolaos are spread all over.

Megali Ammos is the largest beach of Sivota, right next to it is Mikri Ammos. One of the beautiful, hidden beaches around Sivota is the swimming pool on the island of Agios Nikolaos, with unique blue waters. It is accessible only by boat or by boat that organizes day trips from Sivota or Parga.

As for Praga, amphitheatrically built on a small peninsula overlooking the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, it is the “insular” escape of the area: narrow and uphill streets with shops, blooming neighborhoods, a listed settlement, a Venetian castle with magnificent views of the surrounding area, sandy beaches and the Carpathian island of Panagia compose its dramatic scenery.

Do not miss the Parinas, the cultural events that include theatrical performances, musical evenings and photo painting exhibitions. On the main town beach, Kryoneri is sandy and pebbly and the beach Valtos is the most famous beach in the area.

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