The recent rumors of mountain and mountain wolves from the mountain of Mount Parnitha were confirmed, and with scholarship, in a festive manner: in a year-long survey by the environmental group “Callisto” in collaboration with the Parnitha Forestry Center, wild animals!

The wolves screamed around Athens until the 1950s, but their human activity displaced and vanished them.

The process of natural regeneration never stops. Giorgos Heliopoulos, biologist of the Kallisto Environmental Group, collaborated with the Parnitha Forestry Center by putting night vision thermal cameras in various parts of the mountain.

The results, he says, are impressive and, at least, at least for the scientists, expected: “After 50 years we have re-emerged the wolves in northern Athens. This fact is due to the improvement of their living conditions, since as long as man is away from nature, there is room for the development of these populations

Regarding the “threat” that one can assume that these animals are, G. Iliopoulos is clear: “There is absolutely no danger, instead, there is an opportunity – and rarely – the encounter with a wild animal, the which will never attack human beings, except under very specific and rare circumstances, such as the rabies from which it may suffer, but which in our country are found only in the red fox.

Tourists can therefore be fortunate to see a wolf nearby or hear his screaming, but given that 90% of his activity takes place in the evening, that’s very difficult. “

The Greek nature, however, is full of surprises, and so it is not excluded, as the biologist points out, to regain the rare kind of lynx! Some small populations of this beautiful animal exist mainly on the northern border of the country, but in the future, as happened with the wolves, we can see their number growing and expanding to the south of the country …


According to historical testimonies, many of the country’s great mammals lived in Parnitha, such as the brown bear (until around 1850), the wolf, the wild boar and the jackal (until 50 years ago). Today, 42 of the 116 mammals living in Greece have been identified.

It’s definitely the deer, but there are also many hares and foxes. Sporadic appearances are squirrel, jackal, badger, ferret and ferret. Since 1992, they have been living in certain places of wild boar and kri-kri, escaping from the game farm in 1992.



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