The water and the wind smoothed the rocks of sandstone by making a piece of art unique in the country and in the wider region of the southeastern Mediterranean: the Canal of Love.

This beach is located between the villages of Sidari and Peroulades and it is one of the most famous in Corfu, a point of reference for tourists coming from every corner of the globe to swim and gaze at this particular beach.

The Channel of Love is essentially an opening created by the corrosive effect of water and air on the rock of sandstone. The constant influence of the elements of nature changes year after year the natural landscape in the Channel of Love, creating channels with blue-green waters and other small caves and creeks.

As for the name, “Channel of Love” comes from the tradition that couples who want to swim on it will always be in love. In particular, it is said that the founder of the name is a French tourist who, together with the love of her life, discovered the first big cave in the sea.

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