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The 7 Best Islands To Visit Close To Athens

There are many islands in a really close proximity to Athens that they can be reached in a couple of hours or less and they are amazing.

11 Greek Islands Most Tourists Don’t Know

Greece is known for having many islands especially in the area of the Aegean. Let us see together eleven of the most isolated and small Greek Islands!

Top 10 Greek Islands You’ve Never Heard Of

See below the list with these 10 incredible Greek Islands you may not have heard of so far, but should consider visit them as soon as possible!

Top 10 Tips to Live Like a Local in Greece

Greece is on the list of the World's top Travel destinations. In order to have the ultimate Greek experience, read our list and live like a local!

8 Things Greek People Do Best

The Greeks created countless things and have an impact in the modern World. There are definitely some things that the Greeks still do best!

Top 10 Charming Greek Islands

Most travelers visiting the beautiful islands of Greece are having difficulties to choose a destination. Read our article & make your top 10 list!

Top 7 Greek Islands According To Locals

It's estimated that it would take you over 16 years to visit all the Greek Islands. But life is short, let the Greek locals tell you about how it's done!

Top 10 Greek Foods That Are Super Healthy

The Greek Cuisine is one of the most historically richest around the world, with its origins dating back several millennia. However, over time, the cuisine...

Top 10 Most Handsome Greek Men for 2018

The World's handsome Greek Men includes well-known singers, actors, models and famous TV stars. We present to you the 10 best Greek men!

Top 10 Famous Movies Filmed In Greece

From Sophia Loren's breakout role in Boy on a Dolphin to Angelina Jolie battling evildoers as Lara Croft here's when Hollywood came to Greece!

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