It is an untouched paradise, which you can describe in three words: Discretion, nature, isolation. An oasis of sand in the middle of a desert.

The atmosphere of the island and the sandy beaches, with the blond, golden sand, as fine and gentle as the powder, the centuries-old cedars and the clear, turquoise waters make the island look magical.

A magical place where man is free from the everyday routine.

Beautiful Gavdos is located in the southern Greek and at the same time European edge with a population of 152 inhabitants. In reality, fewer than 50 inhabitants live permanently on the island.

Among the beaches of Agios Ioannis and Lavrakas there is natural silver, while in Tripiti there is the southernmost point of the island with the famous wooden chair over the caves of the sea on the rocks where you literally sit at the southernmost tip of Europe overlooking the beautiful Libyan Sea.

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